My goal is to travel abroad at least once a season and fill in the gaps in between with weekend getaways. Due to my loving boyfriend, the getaways are more spontaneous, but since I’m a planner, my bigger vacations for the year are as follows:

1. Machu Picchu, April 2015

Machu Picchu

My sister and I decided to do the 4-day trek up the prominent Incan site! We booked our tours using Incatrekkers, which treats their porters great and has a great detailed itinerary online. I’m so excited!

2. Paris, June 2015


I went to Paris two years ago and fell in love with this city. I can’t wait to rediscover the beauty of Versailles, stroll through the streets of Ste. Michele, eat countless macarons and steak (dessert is first, of course). The best way to spend my mom’s 58th!

3. San Francisco and Napa Valley, September 2015


Nothing sounds better than great art, great wine, and great love. My boyfriend and I are exploring San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Wine Country for a week. Tons of stuff to nerd out on!

4. Somewhere in Vermont, December 2015


This obviously needs a lot of planning, but my family and I are planning to rent out a cabin to spend our Christmas and New Year’s (and I’ll finally learn how to ski!). I am so excited for snow, hot chocolate, and family. Best end to 2015!

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